Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bank bankrupt

I'm living in Belgium for almost two years now. I've never been the homesick type so I'm already getting well adjusted to the Belgian culture. I have a girlfriend here, a group of friends and I can't avoid picking up a bit of a Flemish accent (which is always good for a laugh when I'm back in Holland). Only in the morning I have the habit of watching the news program from Holland. I don't know why but somehow it feels trusted to hear the dialect of the country where I was born. After all, I've lived there for 29 years. 

Lately the news in Holland hasn't been very positive. Half of the news program is filled with the bankruptcy of a really big investment bank called DSB. For some reason the Dutch economy suffers more from the recession than in any other country and this bankruptcy comes on top of that. I've heard that the impact on the total economy is not that big, but still... over 1300 employees are on the street and a lot of investors can forget about their money. Which is very sad to say the least.

It seems that Belgium is already stabilizing from the recession. At the moment I'm working with Marton on a campaign for a new financial product. This weekend I'll go back to Alkmaar again. And although I'm not homesick, I do miss the little city in the North of Holland so I'm looking forward to it.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

je zit op me bank in alkmaar ... ouwe .. mijn bier op te drinken ...hier waar je hoort :P

10:11 pm  

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