Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye Hannah

Sunday, after spending the weekend partying in Brussels, I brought my teampartner Hannah to the station. Her internship at Duval Guillaume is over and she's going to do the last quarter of the Miami Ad School in Hamburg.

Hannah was the surprise of the year. She's only 21 years, had no experience in advertising before and yet... she proved to be one of the best teampartners I've ever worked with.
It's hard to say what made us such a good team. The fact is that you can never tell what makes a good team. You can bring two award winning creatives together to form a super team and it still is no guarantee that it works. In the case of Hannah I think it's the opposites that work: my experience and her fresh view on advertising, my assertiveness that sometimes is necessary and her ability to actually listen to people.
But whatever it was, it works. In just 2,5 months I've made better work than in the first half year. And a huge European campaign is about to be produced. Besides all that, Hannah is great to work with and everybody in the agency would love to see her back someday. Whatever her plans are after her graduation, I'm sure that she'll have a great career ahead of her.
And I finally have a vacation. Today I woke up comfortably late, the only thing I did so far was cleaning my house and looking at a documentary about Charles Manson. The last few weeks I've worked day and night so I'm going to enjoy a well deserved rest. And on Wednesday I'll leave for Italy to see my good friend Hermanno again.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

i miss her already ....*snik

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