Friday, September 04, 2009

Bachelor party Remco

Attacked during a massive fight with balls

This week we had a very busy week. Again I rarely had time to be home on convenient times, my house is a mess and my spare time is mostly spend when I'm sleeping. But that's okay, because vacation is on its way. Just one more week of hard work...

Tomorrow a friend of mine, Remco, is going to marry and last weekend I went to this bachelor party. I must say that I rarely like it when I see a group of people who have a bachelor party. It's stuffed with all the cliché ingredients: drinking, screaming, stupid T-shirts and stripclubs. This party was exactly like that, but nevertheless I can't remember the last time since I've had so much fun. It was simply because you do all this stupid stuff with good friends. One of the coolest things was a massive fight in a pool full of balls (see picture above). It was on the ground floor of a pancake boat which floated through the harbor of Amsterdam.

We decided that one of our friends should get married soon so we can have another bachelor party.


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