Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We try harder

At the moment, our average working day is 12 hours and I even worked in the weekend. And so did other creatives. Thanks to the fact that half of the creative floor is on vacation, we get a lot of chances to make a lot of work.

It also means that there is so little time, that it's impossible to do everything perfect. And that can be annoying. By now Hannah and I already had our less than perfect reviews, but we're still doing pretty well.

You see, at Duval Guillaume they have a way of making you work harder and harder for any job. Peter, our creative director, simply calls all the okay ideas 'longlist material' and asks us to make better work. The account director just feigns total boredom with every scribble that we put on the table.

Reviews like these can make you feel very uncreative sometimes. On the other hand, I learned to cope with these little disappointments. In the end, what they're searching for is the best idea possible and that's what I'm trying to make every assignment. No matter how insignificant the briefing seems to be. "Well, whatever will happen after the next review", my teampartner Hannah told me, "at least we tried to get the most out of it". I agreed with that and when I looked around I saw that we were again the only people left in the agency.


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