Thursday, August 06, 2009

Silent night

Funny how fast things can change in an advertising agency. A couple of weeks ago I asked for more work, and we got it... lots of it. We're drowning in briefings. While we're working on an execution of one project, we're supposed to work on another. Which is impossible. So we work in the evening. And we're trying to find the right balance between sleeping enough to stay mentally fit and taking time for brainstorming. But there's not enough time. As deadlines are getting nearer, brainstorms are getting shorter.

Hannah is going back to Hamburg for the weekend and she took her plane today in the afternoon. After that I rarely left my computer. Even after all the work was done, I still couldn't help to work on the execution of a free idea. After eight o'clock I was the only one left in the agency. It's always good to work in the evening. By day there are about 80 people making noise in the building. By night the huge building is empty and silent. No phones ringing, no e-mails about text corrections. No people asking for files that I try to send by e-mail but it is too large so I have to put it on an USB-stick and run around the building to deliver it in person. No, nothing of that in the evening. The only noise comes from the sirens outside.


Anonymous 5tarvin said...

je weet dat je altijd kan bellen dan verbreek ik wel ff je stilte ...

vereenzaam niet mijn belgische vriend

11:08 am  

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