Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's very rewarding to see a big outdoor campaign of you everywhere. In all the bus shelters and billboard frames in Belgium you can see my latest introduction campaign for the Spa sportsbottle. It has an improved shape so you have better grip on it while doing sports.

Although this is not the most creative campaign I've ever made, it works very well for the introduction of this bottle. And when I see it in the street, the simplicity of the layouts make the campaign really stand out. The photography, done by the genius Jean-Francois de Witte, is just perfect.

The concept of this campaign is all mine, but Victor Vegh was a great help doing the art-direction during his internship at Duval Guillaume. Talking about internships, on Saturday my new Miami Ad School art-director will arrive: Hannah Ziegler. I hope to make a lot of outstanding work together with her.

P.S. Feel free to make any comments about the campaign.


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