Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to buy a new phone

Last weekend my phone was stolen. So I had to buy a new one very fast. Because just buying something on good luck proved to be a disappointment (even with products from good brands) I decided to at least look up some reviews on the internet before buying something.

I didn't have a lot of time and I needed a new phone fast, so I just visited 2 stores in Brussels. A first look gave disappointing results for my initial choices, so I'm glad I looked it up. So then I looked up which of the phones from that brand (Nokia) had good reviews. There was one phone that you can flip open and it proved to be a really good one. I decided to go for that one.

The next day other arguments came to mind. I wore very thin pants to work and I thought: technically the flip open-phone was the best choice, but it would make your pockets really big. Then I thought of a phone that had average results, but which was thin and had a good design: the Nokia 5000. It was also advertised in abribus posters as a special offer. In the end I decided to go for that one. It confirmed something that I already knew: although consumers can look up any specification/review/price-comparison, in the end the emotional reasons are the ones that draw them over the line. At least for me that was clearly the case. And it works for me because after having the phone a couple of days I'm still happy with it.

This weekend I'm back in Holland again. I wanted to buy a laptop there. The laptop I have now, which is 5 years old and which I dragged all over the world when I was on the Miami Ad School, is in a terminal state. So I tried to do the same research with the laptops. But that proved to be more difficult than I thought. It takes a long time to find sites where there are actual consumer reviews. I guess it won't hurt to wait until I'm back in Holland before I buy something that big. And my good old laptop will probably survive another month.


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