Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Taking it easy

Sometimes I have the feeling that I've been under too much pressure. I learned to recognize this in an earlier stadium. When you go further with working like a robot it gets worse and worse and in the end you don't have any inspiration anymore.

This week started with a day off, which I needed badly as you can read in the post before. Today it was very sunny in Brussels. I thought: it's crazy to stay in the building the whole time. I think every creative should be able to make good work within the walls of the agency. But today the weather was just too good. So I left at 16.00 to work in the train and at home on all assignments that I still have.

It was good. When I was back in Antwerp I ate some dinner. Afterwards I took a beer from the fridge and I went to the river. There I sat on the bench with my sketchbook while I saw the sun going under and the ships passing by. I was working in the meantime, but in this peaceful atmosphere it felt like spare time. And that's just what I needed.


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