Monday, June 29, 2009


Unfortunately, not even a Cannes shortlist for me this year. But at my agency Duval Guillaume Brussels they won 4 Cannes Lions. Only bronze ones, but 4 is a pretty good score.

And Belgium won a record breaking 30 lions this year. That's more than double the amount of last year and... more than double the amount of Cannes Lions that Holland won this year. There's no question anymore that I'm in the right country. Although Belgium is small, the country is really strong in the non-traditional media.

Not that the Dutch didn't do a good job. Tribal DDB won the film grand prix with one of the most incredible productions I've ever seen: carousel. It's definitely an example of film at its most innovative.

I did good at the award shows this year, but to win something in Cannes proves to be a bigger challenge. It's so difficult that I think you can fairly say that all Cannes Lion-winners deserve the statue. All of the lucky winners are a big inspiration for me to make even better work before next year's Cannes deadline.


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