Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photoshoot at Jean Francois

Victor helping photographer Jean-Francois

These last few days Victor and I have been at a photoshoot for a mineral water brand. We've been working with a really experienced photographer called Jean-Francois de Witte. In my humble copywriter's opinion, he's one of the best packshot photographers of Belgium. We have a simple campaign in which a new bottle is in the centre of attention, so Jean-Francois was by far the preferred photographer on the job.

Working with Jean Francois is a bit like an adventure. His studio looks like a museum of historical electronics, with all sorts of tape recorders, old school photography equipment and vinyl records lying around. Yesterday, he put on a record of a country singer from the 70's. The next morning when we entered the studio again, we saw that the record was still turning on the record player. He forgot to turn it off and it was playing all night. Well, they say the best people you can work with are the most eccentric ones. Our photographs turned out really good, so that proves this statement. As soon as the posters are hanging in the bus shelters I will show them on my blog.

Tonight I'm going to an award show for the first time since I'm in Belgium, the Top Topical Awards. I've been avoiding the typical advertising parties a bit, because during the week I'd rather put my energy in working. But maybe it's nice for a change to see what's going on in the Belgian advertising scene.


Blogger Mike said...

Are you up for something?

8:41 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hey Mike,

Yes, I've won a Silver Newspaper Award that evening. I usually don't write about awards, cause I think it's only a small part of my job. But of course I'm really happy :-)

10:07 am  

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