Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Victor Vegh

My new art-director at his desk

After months of working in solitude I finally have a new teampartner. Victor Vegh from Germany is at Duval Guillaume for his internship. He travelled an entire sleepless night by train to come to Brussels. So on Monday he walked in dead tired with his backpack.

But there's no such thing as a slow beginning at Duval Guillaume, so Victor was put immediately to work on a layout assignment. And despite the exhaustion he was eager enough to start already. That's the Miami Ad School spirit. And because he's so hard working it motivates me even more to stay more hours in the agency these coming months.

It's his third day in the agency and he adapts rapidly tot his new environment. My first impression tells me I'm going to make really good work with Victor.


Blogger Mike said...

Congrats, I imagine it's pretty tough working on your own??

Had he just arrived when you took that photo... because that is a seriously tidy desk!

8:46 pm  

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