Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Small break

It's been really busy these last few days. If I'm at home I have other things to do than to write for my blog and if I'm at work I haven't got the time for it. So I'll take the opportunity to write for my blog as a small break. I have to go within half an hour and I still have to write headlines in that time. This weekend I'm going to Alkmaar to celebrate Queensday. At the earliest I'll arrive at 23.00 there. Later than expected because there's too much to do. 

Some say that time pressure makes you creative, but it doesn't seem to work every day. Talking about time pressure... I still have to write headlines. Lots of them. And the client made sure that there are so many restrictions that it's impossible to make something slightly interesting. I mean, I'm quite optimistic, but there is a limit. I'm going back too work now. I've had my little break and now I still have 20 minutes to make the damn headlines.


Blogger Mike said...

Feel for you. We're manic!

Good Luck!

7:39 pm  
Blogger Robert Luciani said...

"Give me the freedom of a tight brief"
~ David Ogilvy

Good luck with that.

9:25 am  

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