Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AZ champion of Holland

I hate soccer. I find it hard to understand what keeps people motivated to see a couple of grown up people running behind a ball every week. But there are a few exceptions when I can feel a spark of the excitement. 

Last Sunday AZ, the soccer team of my city of birth Alkmaar, became champions of Holland. Because they haven't been champion since soccer was broadcasted on black and white television, this was a great party for the people from Alkmaar. Usually I'm there whenever there's a party. But this week I couldn't be there. And although I don't like soccer, when I see the entire cheesemarket-square stuffed with cheering people it makes me feel bad that I missed it. And I'm happy for AZ that after years of struggling they finally made it to the top.

Luckily, the 30th of April it's Queensday in Holland. On this day you'll see the same chaos as you see in the video above, but instead of wearing the colors of the local soccer club, everybody is wearing orange.


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