Monday, March 30, 2009

Just do it

This weekend I was back in Holland and I've met a lot of past boardmembers of the Young Dogs again. The sad thing was that it was at a funeral of Sander Gaarenstroom. It seemed that a lot of former Young Dogs haven't seen each other for a while. We all agreed on getting together for a drink on a more happy occasion (this is the second Young Dogs-reunion at a funeral).

It kind of set me to think. If you're working a lot, you rarely have time for things on the side. On Sunday, still with a half hangover from the night before, I promised myself I'm going to do a lot of projects which I postponed or which I forgot to do.

Today I did one of these things. I finally printed out a book, which is a paper version with all the best articles from this blog. Half a year ago, I made the selection, checked the spelling and put all the stories in a nice layout in InDesign. But somehow I forgot about the most fun part: finally printing it out. This 'project' took me 15 minutes in total and for half a year I was unable to do it! I'm also going to look for an apartment in Antwerp. There's no real need for it, but the intention to buy something within now and a year is there. And that's tricky. Because the lack of direct importance makes you postpone things like this. And before you know it, you live in the same house for the next ten years.

In the habit of everyday life we tend to forget the long-term projects. Or the little things, like giving an old friend a phonecall. If you plan in to think of one forgotten project every week, and just finally start it again, imagine how much richer your life could be... Sometimes you need to be a bit restless in order to move on.


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