Friday, March 13, 2009


The most fun job you can do with your pants on, is a common joke about the popularity of working in advertising. In a way it's true. Advertising is fun. A lot of people know that and that's why so many people want to be a creative. The disadvantage of that is that there's also a lot of competition. If you think you can get into an agency because of all your awards? There's always somebody who won more awards. Your sense of humor? There was just a guy in front of you who made the creative directors rolling on the floor laughing.

And the recession makes it even worse. I know a lot of promising, talented young creatives who are on the street right now. Some of them already for more than half a year. It really makes me sad, because it reminded my of my own desperate situation where I was in during the recession before (about 6 years ago).

But sometimes, and it's very rare, one of these young creatives who were jobless for some time, finally get a break. One of them is Sjoerd Verbruggen, a very witty guy from Holland who already showed some real talent a couple of years ago. He had a lot of bad luck during his career but this week the tables have turned: he started at Saatchi & Saatchi in Amsterdam. You can see his portfolio here.

I know that (besides being talented) he's been very lucky to get a chance like that in these difficult times. But it's hopeful to see an example that determination still pays off...


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