Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Computer games, ringbinders and other threats to the world

A couple of weeks ago, Tim Kretschmer killed 15 students in his former school in the German village Winnenden. Tim was dressed in black, listened to metal music and played violent computer games (one of them the first-person shooter Counterstrike). Not even a week after that, a discussion started about forbidding violent computer games.

In my opinion computer games don't kill people. People kill people. And how can you prevent people from killing people? Abolishing computer games won't solve the problem. In the advertising business we know how to convinces people. And I don't know any medium that can convince people to start a massacre in schools. It's hard enough to make advertising for political issues, let alone make people do something they don't want in the first place. If the computer games are the main reason, I'd suggest we should make computer games that makes people peaceful. The fact that there's no demand for that, proves that violent behavior must come from a different source. Besides, millions of youngsters all over the world play violent games and they don't blow each others brains out for no reason.

Blaming computer games is avoiding the real problem: what really drove Tim Kreschmer to his violent acts? Maybe our prestige-based society, which excludes misfits, is one of the reasons. Maybe his teachers, who ignored his problems, had something to do with it. Maybe the fact that Tim's father had a weapon collection big enough for an army in the cellar had something to do with it. I don't know. I think forbidding your son to practice shooting would be more effective than banning computer games. Now there's even a school in Antwerp that forbids gothic clothes. What's next: forbidding blue ringbinders to prevent pedophilism? It's sick how the people responsible for doing something about the problems of today's youth -teachers, parents, the government- always try to put the blame on the youth itself.

And I think Pope Benedictus XVI is the biggest cunt in the world for saying the distribution of condoms in Africa only make the aids problem worse. I'm not against religion. I don't care if people believe in Allah, God or in Santa Claus. I just think that religion should be an individual spiritual engagement and that any religion should stay the fuck away from politics, public health and science. Recently, the Vatican excommunicated a 9-year old girl for getting an abortion after being raped. What message do you give your followers by doing that? That you should let a 9-year old rape victim die? The catholic church is sticking their noses in things they should stay out of and is getting dangerous.

By making statements against the only thing that can prevent a world threatening virus, the Pope will be responsible for more deaths than Tim Kretschmer, Josef Fritz, and Counterstrike at the same time. The real danger is not the youth. The only thing they want is party, drink beer, play computer games and practice safe sex. Please keep them that way as long as possible, because when they grow old some of them will start a war or teach people that Aids is a punishment of God.


Blogger golublog said...

I remember when these kind of things happen in the United States there's always someone to blame, whether it's Marilyn Manson or movies or games, ultimately you can't condemn the media for something an individual does but there will always be scapegoats.

3:43 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now think about this:
What if there wouldn't be violent games, movies, excessive gory stuff? Wouldn't there be more killings, shootings,...? Deep inside of every human being there is anger and frustration. Aren't these games and movies release valves to stabilize a culture. To make sure that we can channel those feelings into other things than hurting others in real life. Even in ancient times there were big manifestations with too much alcohol, excessive sexual behaviour and such. After releasing all their inner frustrations once a year, people went back to being normal citizens... People haven't changed since then, they still have the same needs. But those excessive parties aren't socially accepted anymore, so we need other things.

7:51 am  
Blogger Robert Luciani said...

I agree, people kill people. In some ways these students killed themselves. Hear me out, when I read the article more than half of it were quotes from friends, aquaintences, and other students saying that he was picked on and ridiculed by other students.
I can recall an event when I was in highschool, one of the other students committed suicide and it was a no-brainer that we was picked on. Although no one said it you can tell everyone that picked on him, or just never interveined had a huge cloud of guilt over them. It was interesting yet disturbing to watch.
As for the video game scenario, i completely dissagree. It's just the generation trying to pass the blame on something/someone else when the real problem lies at home. Yes he was a bullied teen, but there are warning signs that were not addressed.

8:36 am  

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