Thursday, March 26, 2009

475 and counting

The good thing about sad news in the beginning of the week is that the rest of the week can only get better. About Hamburg: my long weekend in the German city learned me that it still rocks and it never fails to leave a big impression on me. I truly miss the city. Nevertheless, I'm glad I went to Duval Guillaume because instinctively I knew from the start that the agency would be good for my career.

And even without a teampartner things are going pretty well. I'm working on the execution of 2 outdoor campaigns for big clients and a print/online campaign is coming up. In the meantime my desk is full of new briefings. In order not to stay behind in this agency, you have to give 1000%, especially if you don't want to work day and night. And you constantly have to set your standards higher and higher. 

For example, at the moment I'm mainly thinking of headlines for a liquor brand. Of course you can think of 10 good ones and let the creative director pick a few. Instead, I decided to go for 1000 headlines before tomorrow. I might not reach that amount, but even if I'm getting close to that number, I'll end up with a selection of excellent headlines. Mass production always pays off. Right now I'm at 475.


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