Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend in Amsterdam

Friends from Alkmaar who were staying in Amsterdam

Thursday was the last day since I've worked with Yigit. He's in Poland right now because he's got a serious job offer there. He will come back to Brussels, but not for work anymore. Last Thursday he worked until the bitter end and afterwards there was a big party to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Duval Guillaume. It was so late that I couldn't go back to Antwerp anymore so I stayed in the Duval apartment on the sleeping couch.

The next day I went to the agency with a hangover. And after work it was time for an entire weekend of partying in Amsterdam. It's been a while since I was there for an entire weekend. Usually, I go back to the capital of Holland for a few hours when I'm on my way to Alkmaar. But this time I stayed until Sunday.

Amsterdam has an infamous reputation of being one of the most free cities in the world. Drug-wise this might be true, because of the fact that you can legally buy marihuana there. But all the clubs and pubs have very strict closing times. At 4 o'clock nothing is open anymore. This is meant to keep the order in the city, but it's actually creating a big chaos. People make sure they're inside before 12 'o clock and they're not going somewhere else because you cannot get in any reasonable place after that time. This causes most places to be overcrowded. After closing time, most trains don't go back so a lot of people wait between the junks and beggars for their first train. So, a closing time policy that's meant to protect people actually has an even worse countereffect.

On Friday me and my friends had what I call a 'mega loser night'. We went out too late, couldn't get in anywhere anymore and therefore we ended up in some cheap ass touristic sports bar just drinking beer. On Saturday we went ahead of the crowd and we went very early to Club Up, a great place in the middle of the 'Leidseplein'. This club was so good that it made up for the bad evening before. All in all, it was a good weekend and it gave me more than enough distraction so I can work my ass off during the week.


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