Thursday, February 12, 2009


From Monday till Wednesday we worked almost without interruption when Yigit and I were in the agency. We had to make two integrated concepts presentable and it was a lot of work. The hard work wasn't for nothing because I've just heard that the client was very enthusiastic about the concepts.

In the meantime we still had time for what I call an 'ego photo'. We had the idea of making exactly the same picture that we made last year, but then with all the awards we've won in one year. Yes, it's kind of pretentious to make a photo like that, but in my opinion too much creatives deny themselves such a small moment of happiness.

That has a reason. Creatives, me included, are probably the most insecure people in the agency (even if they behave arrogant - correction: ESPECIALLY if they behave arrogant). They suffer a lot of rejections and there's always something to remind you that you can do better. If you think you're already perfect, you probably won't do any effort to make good work so you probably won't make shit. If you've never won anything, you'll feel miserable. If you've won something, everybody will expect that you win something next year as well. So if you don't win something next year, thén you'll feel miserable.

So how can you feel good about your work again? I think it's good to have at least once a year a moment on which you put together all the good work you've made. Maybe bind all of it together in a small book, make a small exhibition in the agency or create a website. Look at how creative the work is, how much awards you've won with it or how much good it did for the client. In other words, just do something that make you feel proud of what you've done that year. You'll see that this positive injection will make you feel a lot better and that it will be a big help in your future career.


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