Thursday, February 26, 2009

New teampartner (well, temporarily)

Yesterday Yigit was in the agency for such a short time, you'd probably missed him if you blinked. He took his last days off so he had enough on his mind already. So he just came to tell about how cool the city of Warschau is, new music he discovered and a film festival in Brussels and Antwerp that I should definitely go to.

It's kind of lonely to work without a teampartner, but at least they keep me busy here. Friday I'm going to record a campaign of radio commercials and I'm struggling to make the scripts as perfect as possible.

But I won't be without a teampartner for long! I just heard that Victor Vegh from the Miami Ad School will be interning here from April till June. During that time he'll be my art-director. I'm very excited about it because working with somebody else always gives me new perspectives on concepting. Welcome to the Duval-club, Victor. And prepare to make some kick-ass work.


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