Thursday, February 05, 2009

Flight of the balloon

The balloon that our former Dutch colleagues left floating against the top of the building has started to lead a life of its own now. The helium is wearing out already so now the thing is floating somewhere between the balconies of the first and the second floor. See the video above, which also features our new Miami Ad School interns Maja and JJ.

Reinier and Marlon did already good during their internship in Duval, but with this hilarious goodbye-present they managed to leave a big impression on the entire building a week after they've left. Good work, Reinier and Marlon! If you continue with great ideas like this, graduation is going to be a piece of cake.


Anonymous Marlon von Franquemont said...

Hey Robin, leuk om te lezen dat jullie het een geslaagd goodbye vinden ;) Hier is alles bijna weer bij het oude, we zijn inmiddels begonnen met de eerste afstudeerbriefing voor TomTom met filemelder. Hoe isset in daar?? doe iedereen de groeten en uiteraard een heleboel voor jou. Groet en succes Mar

8:32 pm  

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