Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photoshoot with the new Miami's

Shooting a melon at Heikki's studio

Since last week new Miami Ad School students arrived. Welcome to Maja and JJ. I have done some assignments with both of them already. And last Friday they already had a small photoshoot for one of these assigments.

We went to food photographer Heikki because we had to make a photograph of a melon with candles on it for a mailing. It was a simple assignment, but the photograph turned out to be really good. And I had a lot of fun at the shooting with the new Miami's.

Today the mailing is finally finished. And because Yigit is temporarily in Istanbul I'm working together with an excellent Dutch intern called Marlon. Nowadays I seem to be switching teampartners more often than switching shoes. In a way this constant change works for me. Working with new people keeps me sharp and motivated.


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