Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing to work for

After a week of working for nothing, a week of nothing to work for had started. It's the beginning of the year and I guess it's normal that it's a bit quiet. Everybody who works in an ad agency knows these quiet times. At times like these it's easy to get lazy. Watching funny movies on the internet seems useful, because it's a way to get inspiration. But if you're really honest, surfing the internet doesn't involve a lot of thinking so it's also a form of laziness.

And I hate having nothing to do. I get restless. So Yigit and I used our time to finally make some free work. Some creative side projects that we'd like to make for our book or to win awards with. But after we decorated the entire wall with new online/integrated concepts, I start to feel useless as well. If you make something that's not an assignment you can do anything and there's no real drive behind it. So yesterday I sent out an e-mail, begging for more work.

Sometimes that's just a necessary thing to do. No agency can have an overview over all the creatives at the same time. Afterwards it seems that there is work (we'll get two new briefings this week), but nobody thought of giving it to us immediately. And I can imagine in our case. It's difficult to be seen as a strong team at the moment because Yigit leaves after only a month. It's sad, but despite everything I still hope for a little spark of last-minute creativity that leads to outstanding, award winning work. After all, the best ideas come when you least expect it.


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