Friday, January 30, 2009

New client

Even for a well known, creative agency like Duval Guillaume it's inevitable: reorganisations. During a recession it would be common sense to go to a more creative agency for your advertising, because only creativity can make your advertising stand out if you don't have a lot of media budget. But in these times the last thing companies seem to use is common sense. Everybody is scared, fearing for their job. Brand managers put their head in the sand like ostriches.

These last months I've been fearing for my job as well. My art-director Yigit has only 1 month to go and in the meanwhile the creative floor is shrinking faster than the Northpole. You end up thinking: "when is it my turn?".

Fortunately, Duval Guillaume recently won a pitch for a big telecom client. Last week there were two agencies left and on Monday we all had to be in the agency at 8:30 because the client came there to visit. On Wednesday we all got an e-mail in which Andre Duval told us that we won the pitch. I felt relieved... Of course I'm really glad for my agency that we turned out to be the winners. But on a personal level, I feel more comfortable because the chance they'll want to let go of me are minimalized. It doesn't solve the fact that I'm working most of the time alone now. But at least I can stay where I am and there's a pretty good chance that there will be a bit more budget for a new art-director in the future.


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