Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy new yearbook

It's Tuesday today and at work I'm counting the hours until I can go home. It's not that I don't like it here, but it's the start of my Christmas vacation tomorrow and there's absolutely nothing to do at work anymore. Yesterday we finished an ad for De Lijn, which is in the newspaper right now. And today we're sending e-mails and work on a special portfolio which includes all the work we've made at Duval Guillaume in one year.

So it's some sort of a yearbook. We've planned to make one every year, but because Yigit is going to leave Duval soon, this will be our first and our last yearbook. When I look at all the work I'm quite satisfied with the work we've made. It's hard to top a portfolio you've made as a student for the simple reason that in an agency you have to struggle more to make creative work. But I think Yigit and I came quite close to our Miami Ad School book in just one year. There's a good variation of media in the book, most of it is published and together we've managed to get 8 nominations and awards at festivals and competitions.

Because some of the work in the book is still in progress of being sold/published, I cannot show the entire book yet. But I'll send a link somewhere next year. In the meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy a nice holiday in Holland. I wish that everybody will have great parties with a lot of beer so the cheesiness of Christmas becomes a bit more bearable :-D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proost! Prettige kerst.

10:09 pm  
Anonymous 5tarvin said...

happy new year ...my good friend
and hope to see ya book very soon

cheers !!!!

11:35 am  

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