Friday, November 07, 2008

Hell week

At a photoshoot for the billboards

In just 1,5 week we made 4 TV-commercials, 4 billboards, 5 radiocommercials and 1 print ad for just one client. Of course the concept-phase was already over so we just had to execute everything, but that was enough work to keep me .

To still have some spare time to sleep, we had to be very creative with planning our work. So when we went to the photoshooting, I brought my laptop to write radiocommercials. And I went to the post production company to do some colour corrections on TV commercials because Yigit was still working on the billboards. And during these colour corrections I was brainstorming with Miami Ad School intern Mircea. I watched the first part of the president elections at midnight. Not because I stayed up for that, but because I just got home around that time.

Today it's finally weekend. And for me a week of working like hell means a weekend of dancing like the devil. So what a great timing that electro-legend T.Raumschmiere and Drum 'n Bass-legend Dillinja are playing in the same club in Antwerp tonight.


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