Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Salvatore and Andres at JvM Next.

Last weekend it was time for my quarterly trip to Hamburg again. A weekend is really short, so unfortunately I didn't have time to visit the Miami Ad School. But I did visit the agency where two of my good friends and former co-students Salvatore and Andres are working: Jung von Matt.

For people who don't know Jung von Matt. The agency is one of the biggest in Germany. Every year they win numerous Cannes Lions and other awards. Salvatore and Andres are actually working in JvM Next, which is in a small office next to the huge building of JvM.

When I was getting lunch with them in a small dönner place close to the agency, I saw a lot of other MAS-graduates walking around. I also heard whom they're going to hire in the future and I have to say that the list of the people they've managed to bring in is impressive. Jung von Matt has managed to recruit a whole bunch of the most creative Miami Ad School graduates. You don't know if all of them would be as good as they were in school, but one thing seems to be for sure: with all the talents they managed to bring in you can scare the shit out of competitive agencies.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that my good friends ended up in a good place. I'm really curious how this melting pot of advertising wizkids will develop in the future.


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