Sunday, October 12, 2008

Return of the blog

Photograph by Pieter Baert

I think that for everything in life there's a right moment...

A new president is about to be elected in the U.S. Today the most important leaders of Europe meet to discuss the financial crisis. Iceland is about to go bankrupt, Belgium is getting closer and closer to be split up in two parts. And our contribution to history is that we're making a billboard for a brand of gift vouchers.

Yes, we're on the verge of a major recession. It's not the first time I've experienced that, but the difference with the moment an airplane flew through the World Trade Center in New York is that this time I'm in the right agency. I've been working at Duval Guillaume Brussels for almost 10 months now and I'm really sure that this agency will only go for uncompromising, creative work that sells big time for their clients.

And in these interesting times I feel that must continue with my personal blog again. Be part of history. Not as a world leader but as somebody who just works in advertising. Advertising creatives are the court jesters of the commercial kingdom. We put masks on struggling companies so it looks like they're still going strong. And why not? People respect it when somebody, despite having problems, is still showing the will to fight and who's still facing the world in a positive way. That must explain why companies who spend more money on advertising during a recession come out of it the best.

So from now on, I will write at least two times a week a post coming from either Brussels, Antwerp or Alkmaar. And for the first time you can see me moving on my blog because I'll post some video's as well. Is it going to be the same as when I was in Miami Ad School? Well, those times will never come back again. But I think that I'm in an agency that gives me enough inspiration for interesting posts and my fingers are itching to write again. The new time seems like a perfect moment to continue my old blog.


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Nice to see you're back on the scene!

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