Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Karl Lagerfeld teddybear at the Steiff store
Friday was a busy day and in the evening I had to take a plane to go to Berlin. I got the train to the airport in the nick of time. There I had to rush to the plane because in the airport of Brussels you have to walk so much that by the time you've reached the right gate you deserve a medal.

I didn't have a lot of rest since I arrived in Berlin, but I didn't go there to get a rest. My good friend Edwin lives in this wonderful city so I went to visit him.

The last time I was in the German capital was a year ago. Every time I'm there it strikes me what an inpiring city this is. The city center is full of original stores and you're confronted with a lot of smart ideas that make people spend more money. One of them: inside a warehouse there was a booth where you can record your own song to participate in a singing competition. It was made especially to promote a new computer game where you have to sing.

A damn cool idea was a co-branding between Steiff and Karl Lagerfeld. The result is a Karl Lagerfeld-teddybear that costs 1000 euro (!). I can't imagine that a sane person would buy it, but it draws everybody's attention to the teddybear store. Another effective campaign was for Ford. They put a promotion team on the street that photographed people. And you have to wait 10 minutes to appear on a Ford-billboard. The attempt to justify the appearance of the people on the street was a bit lame (the line under the billboard was 'In the middle of now. The new Ford Fiesta). But that doesn't really matter because while you're waiting for your picture to appear you're looking at an ad for 10 whole minutes! So far for the 2 second-theory.

I got home totally exhausted and tomorrow morning I have a review at 10.00. Oh well, I can't even remember the last time I had a quiet weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Effectieve campagne bij Ford? Het schijnt nu niet zo goed te gaan...

7:16 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Ik heb het niet over de gehele campagne. Maar als je het voor elkaar krijgt om mensen 10 minuten naar een billboard te laten kijken in plaats van de gebruikelijke 2 seconden, dan is dat op zijn minst effectief te noemen ;-)

5:10 pm  

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