Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kurt and Kurt

Yigit and I seem to be running behind with just about every project. We're soon going to have a filmshoot and a photoshoot. And what a coincidence: both the director and the photographer are called Kurt (and no, they're not the same person). That sounds funny, but it's really confusing when you're in the middle of all sorts of pre-production meetings and in the meantime you have to think of new ideas as well.

"Tomorrow our agenda is empty", said Yigit to me when we were in the car to another meeting. But we both knew it won't stay empty for very long. We have to prepair a presentation and in the meantime we'll be bombed with e-mails and questions about the filmshoot/photoshoot.

-"Did you see the casting that Kurt sent you?"
-"Which Kurt?"

From now on I'm going to call them photo-Kurt and film-Kurt.


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