Sunday, October 19, 2008

Duval Guillaume

It's the tenth month now in Duval Guillaume Brussels and I can tell already that I've made a really good decision going here. I always had the feeling that I'm in the right place, but recently I knew it for sure. The agency is one of the most awarded agencies in Belgium, with awards for creativity and effectivity. It's also considered one of the best agencies in Europe.

But what makes the agency a good place to be is that they're still fighting. No matter how full the award shelves are, with blinking awards in all shapes and sizes, they still aim for better work. And it seems to work. The amount of awards and nominations is going up every year. This year they topped it again, with an impressive 8 pages that describe all the awards and nominations of 2008.

And the account people here are by far the best I've seen in any agency in the world. Creatives and accounts actually work together as a team, with mutual respect for each other's job. So instead of wasting time on arguing about a campaign, everybody is focussing on improving it. The creative directors, Peter and Katrien, have the last word on all the campaigns. But the good thing is, that they would never let a campaign go to a client for the sake of creativity only. If they don't think it's right for the client, your scribble ends up in the trashbin.

Although I'm already 7 years in advertising, I feel that I can still learn a lot. Working at Duval Guillaume gives me constantly the feeling that I'm still not good enough and that actually stimulates me to make better work all the time. I'm a fighter. And the only thing that keeps me motivated is when I compete with the very best.


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