Monday, December 17, 2007

TV commercial Vertigo

My assignment for Vertigo lollypops was one of the most fun, but also one of the most difficult assignments ever. Art-director Daniel Serrano and I worked on this assignment night and day and only after having about 50 ideas, we started to go in the right direction. The reason that Vertigo (and all candy clients) are so difficult is because if you want to do it right, you have to let go of all reason. Skittles is a good example of how it should be.

I think we didn’t make it to the level of the brilliant Skittles campaign made by TBWA/Chiat Day, but we’ve managed to come a long way. Besides, the commercial gives a funny note to my portfolio. It was executed by an animation artist from England called Cyriak and broadcasted in different parts of Europe.


Blogger Jose A. said...

It's no skittles but cool nonetheless.

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