Monday, December 03, 2007

Solving problems

Sometimes you have to find new ways of working to create something. I finished the digital version of my portfolio already and I only need to put in some new work. But now I wanted to make a small video-version of my portfolio and a cd-cover.

To make the cd-cover, I first tried to work in a special cd-cover design software. But because the printers in school only work with a Mac, I'd have to find somebody who has exactly the same software. So I needed another way to make it. Today I found some cd-templates on internet so I can simply make the covers in Photoshop.

And then I wanted to use my old Avid software to edit the video-version. But the sound wasn't working! And that's not good in a portfolio that has 'music' as a theme. So instead of wasting an entire day to find the error, I downloaded a new video editing program, learned how to use the software while working with it and finished the first version of the small film. It will premiere soon on YouTube.

Things don't always go like you expect. That used to be an excuse for me to drop the whole project, but after two years in this school you learn how to cope with problems very fast. The famous director Orson Wells once wanted to make a shot from below, but he couldn't because the camera was too big. His solution was to demolisch the floor so the camera could stand in the preferred position. There are no problems, just solutions.


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