Monday, December 17, 2007

Scratchproof DVD

Some advertising just works when you’ve done it for real. This one is that type of advertising. At student awards it doesn’t get attention because it raises a lot of questions: does such a product really exists? Is it possible to send this DVD by normal post? It isn’t an idea that you get after two seconds, but it’s probably the simplest way to promote a scratchproof DVD.

The reason I have it in my portfolio is because it’s such a simple idea. And direct mails will always be difficult in a student portfolio. But the fact is, that agencies nowadays demand more from a creative than just making a nice TV commercial. So I think you need to have at least one DM-idea to show that you’re able to do it.

I made this idea together with Andres Maldonado in the class of Tim and Padi. From our first pile of 50 campaigns we made for this class, only this work was chosen.


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