Friday, December 07, 2007

Portfolio is finished

When there's news, there's a new post. You can read yesterday's post about signing the contract for Duval Guillaume below but now there's another thing: my printer store has been working with the speed of light because my portfolio is already finished! This morning I got a call from Julien that my prints are ready and that I can check them out before they start binding it. But when I came to the printer store, it was already binded.

It doesn't mean that I can stop working now. I'm still going to make CD's for the screenings, finish the copy for my blog, finish my YouTube-movie and prepare work for competitions. But the biggest amount of work is done now.

That isn't the case with the rest of the students here. Everybody is working like madmen/madwomen to finish all their work in time for the face 2 face week. I've already seen the first students with pale faces and bags under their eyes due to lack of sleep. Good luck to everybody and remember that all these sleepless nights and nonstop working are going to pay off some day. Because it's hard work that separates the good students from the excellent ones. So go for it and kick some ass!


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Have Fun.

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