Monday, December 17, 2007

In Stockholm we had to start with 50 campaigns for the class of Tim Zastera and Patrick Herald (Tim & Padi). In the first round of 50 campaigns the two teachers picked out only one ad. Then in the one of the last classes they said that if we want to show some extra work for clients we like, we could bring it the next week. Me and my art-director Andres decided to make another 50 campaigns(!) When we told Tim and Padi the next lesson that we did the 50 campaigns again, they thought we were kidding. But when we showed them the pile of work, they knew we were serious.

This campaign started with a one off. My teampartner Andres told me about an idea for an ad he once had in class about using a water cycle starting with somebody sitting on the toilet. I thought the ad didn’t make sense at all, but I had to laugh so hard that I thought: there might be something in it. Tim and Padi thought so as well, but they told us that it’s worth to think of a second and a third idea.

We decided to think about another ad separately. One day, when I was walking at a peaceful lake in the woods, I suddenly came up with the second ad (the one with the ashes). A third one was too difficult. So officially it’s no campaign, but I think these two are strong enough already. Better have two perfect ads than adding a third one for the heck of making a campaign.


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