Monday, December 17, 2007

How do you deal with clients that you don’t believe in? Very simple, don’t waste time nagging about it and just do the job! When Andres and I got the assignment from Tim and Padi to make a anti-smoking campaign that prevents teenagers from smoking, I thought it was quite interesting. I mean, I’m a smoker. I don’t smoke a lot, but I smoke with conviction. So if I manage to find something that would make me think about smoking, it must be quite convincing.

We first thought of doing something with the typical excuses that smokers have when they want to quit. And then we put it in a timeline to show that a lot of smokers follow the same pattern of quitting and that most of them fail. The quotes are both recognizable for smokers and a good warning for teenagers who think of starting.

No, it’s not a typical ad for teenagers. We could also make a hip-hop song about how bad it is to smoke. But we chose to treat teenagers like adults. The way they want to be treated.


Blogger Jose A. said...

Very nice work there too. Good job.

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