Monday, December 17, 2007

This is probably the most amazing story behind all my work! It took me 1,5 year, the advice of 5 creative directors at three agencies to make this campaign as it is now. It started in long copy class. My teacher Christian Vosshagen from Scholz & Friends said the idea of responding to annoying spam mail is good, but the copy wasn’t good yet. He even refused it for the exhibition.

I left the campaign aside for a while. Then, by coincidence, I met an art-director from Scholz & Friends at a party (it was a coincidence, because the party had nothing to do with advertising). I told him I have long copy class from Christian. He told me he knows him and we got in a conversation. All of a sudden he said: “I heard from Christian that there was a student who made a campaign in which he replied to spam-mails”. I told him that I was that student and then I knew that I had to work further on the idea. Another teacher, Dennis Lueck, helped me to make the copy perfect, at Duval Guillaume the creative directors Peter and Katrien asked me to find a better pay-off and at Saatchi New York Icaro Doria told me I should put a color behind the copy. The last one was a small addition, but it’s an important one.

I couldn’t send it in for student awards because it’s been on its way to be produced for a long time now. But I don’t need an award to know that this is the best campaign in my book.


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They're fucking aweseome!

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