Monday, December 17, 2007

Kneipp Bedside lamp

This work took me actually 3 years to make. Long before the Miami Ad School I made an ad with only the tea label as a logo. It was an idea that’s not worth mentioning, but I mentioned it the day that my teammates Gunnar and Alex were brainstorming to come up with an idea for a tea brand. It was on a Saturday and we were working in a relaxed way because the weekend is for me a time that you should take it easy. All of a sudden, Alex mentioned that the tea label actually looks like a cord on a lamp. A minute later we all agreed on the best execution for this simple idea. I said: “wow, this is great guys. This is going to win awards”.

My teacher Philipp Barth from JvM believed in the idea as well and he wanted to find a client for it. So he went to Kneipp and sold the idea! There are actually two photographers in the credits. That’s because we first made the idea with one photographer, but Philipp wasn’t satisfied with it. He said that if the ad is going to be send in for Cannes, it has to be perfect. So Philipp found another photographer that did the final shooting in order to make this idea perfect. Half a year later I got a nomination in Cannes for it. I have to admit that it isn’t even my best work. It’s a cool, simple idea, but it’s a one off and the idea isn’t really new. Nevertheless, it’s an idea I’m really proud of and I thank my teampartners, Philipp Barth and everyone else who believed in the idea for making this ad possible.


Blogger Jose A. said...

Simple and smart

10:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea!!!!!!!! Love it!

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