Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Writers blog

What if in a whole week nothing special happened? What if you've been working the whole week to execute campaigns and working on your book. And that even the weekend has become pretty predictable. I mean I saw a great show of Miss Kittin and the Hacker, but that's not really something new for me cause I already saw them two times before. Well, if the week has been one big repetition of other weeks there's nothing to write for your blog.

So what do you do then? Maybe wait until something actually happens? But then there's this big time lapse between the posts. So, the answer is just to write about how you're sitting behind the computer, squeezing your brains out to find any shitty subject to write about and that you can't come up with anything. You should write it in a way that other writers can identify themselves with this temporary writers block so it gets funny and interesting again. Oh, and you should always end with a little joke.

Let's hope that this week a meteorite falls right in front of the school so I have something to write about.


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