Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend in Berlin

Autumn in Berlin

The price you pay for studying abroad is that you can't see friends and family for a long time. But it's something you get used to. And with programs such as Skype and Messenger you can still be in contact with most people. I speak to some friends even more since I went to Germany!

And when you get back it seems like you've never been away in the first place. I had the same notion this weekend when I went to visit Edwin, a Dutch friend who lives in Berlin. I haven't seen him for over a year but he didn't change a bit.

This weekend I also had to work for some campaigns. A review on Friday went really good and as a result my art-director Julien had to execute some ads and I had to send him more copy by e-mail. It starts to get really busy in the Miami Ad School now and soon enough I'll probably be in school in the weekend as well. I'm glad I went to Berlin now, because this was probably the last weekend I'm able to leave Hamburg.


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