Monday, November 26, 2007


Class with Arno Lindemann from JvM

Judging by the photographs on my blog, it looks like my whole life takes place within the four walls of the 8th quarter room. Which is not very far from the truth. First of all we've got a lot to do and second of all I don't have internet at home. So to be able to connect to my friends and family in Holland I'm dependent on the internet at school. I spend so much time in this room that picking up printouts from the printer room downstairs is already an adventure.

Today, we were all in school for the final presentation for a big electronic client. Our teacher was Arno Lindemann from Jung von Matt. He gave us a briefing that had "confused client" written all over it. It was so complicated that we all hardly thought anything good would come out of it.

I don't present the final results on this blog and that says a lot. To be honest I'm not too proud about the creative level of the work that I've made for this client. None of us seems really satisfied with the produced work. But when I saw all the final campaigns hanging on the wall I realized that all of us managed to make at least something really original and outstanding for an extremely difficult client. And that is something really valuable.

The fact that Miami Ad School students can actually cope with difficult assignments is probably something that a lot of agencies don't expect. We only put our most creative work in our books, because that's what we truly stand for. But behind every freewheeling, creative campaign there's just as much craftmanship; real campaigns based on real briefings made for real clients.

And this quarter it often got more strategic. That's because we're working together with students from the so called planners bootcamp. This bootcamp is a course of 2 months in which the planners get assigments and workshops from different planner guru's. One thing I learned about planners is that a lot of them have blogs. It's the same with the students. Here's a very visual and funny written blog of Jef, one of the Belgian students. And here's the blog of Joanna, an extremely passionated planner from Poland. So if there are agencies that look for young, talented planners: this week, after 2 months of locking themselves up in the school, the bootcamp students will get their well-deserved certificates.


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