Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back on track again

The rest of the week could only get better than Monday and luckily it did get better. The only bad thing that happened was that on Tuesday my internet at home was disconnected, but it's something that I already knew. And if you're prepaired for something it's not really bad luck.

I wasn't prepaired for the fact that this week's review for Jung von Matt would go well, but it did. Our teacher took three of our campaigns and one ambient idea back to the agency. We worked our ass off for that assignment so I was relieved to see that our hard work it payed off.

This morning I got another surprise that made me really happy. I got an e-mail from a Korean girl named Myung Jin. She mailed me a couple of months ago because she was interested in Miami Ad School. I read today that she applied for the school and she got accepted. Whenever somebody asks me about the MAS Europe I never even promote the school. I always tell them the advantages and the disadvantages. This way, people will know for sure they make a good decision. So I'm sure that Myung Jin will have a great time here. And to hear that somebody made a life changing decision based on something that I wrote is very rewarding for me. My day can't go wrong anymore.


Anonymous Robert Luciani said...

Well if you feel like you want even more of an ego trip, you solidified my choice to apply to MAS when I graduate.

Keep up the wicked work

8:51 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Haha. Oh well, I guess creatives regularly need fresh portions of ego trips ;-) Thanx and good luck with your application.

2:36 pm  

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