Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quarter away: a never ending story

Today we had to tell the whole school about our quarter away experiences. Most of the students have to do an internship or follow a school program abroad, so we tried to explain as much as possible about the advantages and the disadvantages of each city and agency.

We had two hours to tell about it. So every student had about 15 minutes of fame. It seems like you can tell a lot and show a lot of pictures in 15 minutes. So we went as fast as possible through 3/4 of a year. I told a lot and so did my classmates. But somehow, afterwards I got the strange feeling that I forgot to tell most of it. No matter how many experiences you put in a presentable order, I have the impression that I haven't even told 10% of what I should have told to give a clear understanding of how any of my quarter aways must have been.

Being a creative is being in a constant state of insecurity about your work, so I immediately started thinking about what I did wrong. But as I started writing this post, I started thinking of what all the other students told when I was in my first year of Miami Ad School. Did they tell an interesting story about their quarter away experiences? Definitely. Was any of my quarter away experiences what I thought it would be because of one of these presentations? Not at all.

To all Miami Ad School students who heard me and the other 8th quarters talk about their quarter away experiences: it's not going to be like that. For you it's going to be all different. As soon as you step out of the plane in an unknown destination you won't know what hit you. But that's also the exciting about it. You'll come back with tons of impressions. And you won't have the time to tell all of them.


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