Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The cardboard dolls were already in the school, so why not put your picture on it?

This week our headmaster Niklas came back and he looked at all of our work on the portfolio wall. He gave us some advises and whether you agree with him or not, he always sets you to think about the work that you're about to put in the final portfolio.

There's two types of work on my wall right now: work that everybody totally loves, but I've got only 2 campaigns and 2 one offs in that category. The rest is work that is generally considered good, but not everybody likes it. And those are the campaigns that can still be replaced by something else. In the end you're just looking at what fits the best or what lacks in the overall portfolio. I just hung up a new copy campaign because of that.

What's great about the Miami Ad School is that there's always a vibe of working and students do all sorts of crazy stuff for classes. For the outdoor advertising class the students got a really cool assignment. Their teachers told everybody which route they follow when they go from their work to school and the students have to put work on that route. If the teachers notice the ad, it's a sign that it did its job.

So right now Hamburg is polluted with posters and stickers with the names of the students. There was even somebody who put advertising on the back of his Vespa and tried to drive in front of the teacher's car. I don't know if they succeeded, but it's an interesting idea. And of course the teachers walk into the school, so the front door of the school was full of posters with faces of students. There was even a poster of four metre hanging out of the window.

Nobody's going to put work like that in his portfolio, but for educational purposes it works. The point of the teachers is to let the students experience for themselves what works and what doesn't work in outdoor advertising. They've probably heard by now that noboby's going to see an A3 poster hanging in a tree when you're driving 50 kilometres an hour. On Thursday the first soccer posters will be reviewed by Niklas, so by now everybody is probably cutting and glueing posters again. The work never stops here.


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