Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Text on cup: Folgers. Tolerate mornings.

Time to show some work. I was doubting between showing recent work I've made at Saatchi NY and a campaign I've made 2,5 years ago to boycot oil company Total for its commercial activities in Burma (or Myanmar). The reason I wanted to show the Burma campaign was because since the demonstrations in the country it has become a big issue. It's about time the world knows about the suffering of the Burmese citizens under the military regime.

But I'm not a politician. And I don't think it's good to show work I won't put in my portfolio anymore. So above you can see a print campaign for coffee brand Folgers. It's meant to be a follow up of an earlier campaign, which also featured an alarm clock.

A good thing about this campaign was that everybody at Saatchi thought it was pretty good. The problem was that not everybody thought it was excellent. And because the last Folgers print campaign won a Cannes Lion the benchmark for the next print campaign has gone up and this campaign didn't stand a chance.

It was dissapointing that a campaign gets killed for that reason, but it happened more often during the internship. Nevertheless, this campaign was hanging on the wall during the whole quarter. And during that quarter my art-director Julien and I stayed amused by the simple truth this campaign tells us about mornings. So after two months and hundreds of new scribbles we still liked it. And it is very campaignable. During our internship we kept on "exploring the reach of the concept" and we made a radiocommercial, TV-commercial, outdoor spectacular and online campaign. Whether this work stays in my portfolio depends on the reactions of others, so don't hestitate to give your comments.


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