Sunday, October 28, 2007


Salvatore and me partying in the weekend

In the Miami Ad School it is not an option to put your work in a ready made portfolio. It's mandatory to make a book yourself. In the beginning of the quarter our headmaster Niklas asked us to come up with an idea for the book. In other words: I'm not allowed to use just blank pages, but the whole book has to reflect my personality.

This is actually the most difficult task of the whole quarter. Because in the end the most demanding, careful and skeptic client is me myself and I. Self-promotion always seems to be a difficult task and even the best agencies seem unable to do it. That explains why websites of agencies are either boring or always under construction.

As for the book: it's scary as hell to think of a concept that will bind together 2 years of Miami Ad School. If there's no idea in it, Niklas won't accept it and if the idea is too good, it will draw away attention from the actual work.

It wasn't easy to come up with something, but I finally thought of something I feel comfortable with. I'm not going to tell the concept yet, but it has something to do with music and my DJ background. I think that music (if made with passion and not just for making money) is one of the purest forms of creativity. There seem to be no limitations for making music. As long as it's a collection of sounds that is structured, it is called music. So within this 'limitation' you've got all the freedom to express yourself.

And music has been important for me. I need a good party in the weekend to set my mind on something else. Prevents me from going crazy. And the better the music, the better my mood (beer also helps a lot, but if there's no music I can drink all the beer in the pub but I won't like it there). Thursday I went to a concert of the German/French electro-pop band Stereo Total. And on Saturday I went to Gruene Jaeger, an alternative club in the Schanze. Because of this, I'm quite tired now. But at least tomorrow I can work on my book again knowing that I got all out of my spare time in the weekend.


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