Friday, October 05, 2007

Home sweet Hamburg

This week probably some friends of mine will call my parents because they heard I'm back in Alkmaar again. And then my parents have to say I'm in Hamburg again. It happened before and it will happen this week for sure. Because this was my shortest break in Alkmaar so far: 12 days; and 3 of these days I spent in Amsterdam and in the Northsea trying to keep my balance on a surfboard. I feel ashamed for being there so short and hereby I apologize to everyone I didn't call or didn't call back to meet.

Strange, I could have gone to Hamburg on Sunday, cause the school starts on Monday. So why didn't I do that? Here's why. On Friday some friends call me and I go to the pub and drink beer.
Saturday night is my last night so I go to the pub and drink beer. So on Sunday I sit in the train to Hamburg with a hangover. Add to that the fact that I didn't feel 100% healthy anyway. I almost got a flu and I'm still sneezing all the time. So on Monday I'd have gone to school looking like a zombie with a snotty nose. So when I heard that I could get into my apartment immediately, I didn't hesitate for too long. Instinctively I was looking forward to go to Hamburg earlier so I have a couple of days extra to get used to my new situation.

I arrived today in my new apartment in Hamburg at 18.00. I put my stuff down. I did some groceries. I checked my e-mails. And for the rest I have nothing to do. I'm bored. And now I realize that I haven't been bored for a long time. It feels great to have nothing to do. Until Monday I have nothing to worry about but to blow my nose every time I sneeze.

And the apartment is even better than I imagined. It's bigger than any apartment I've ever had and it's on walking distance from St. Pauli, the party neighborhood of Hamburg. I told Dominik that I can't thank him enough for putting so much time in arranging my new apartment. So hereby, I'm going to thank him again. The great work Dominik has made in the Miami Ad School combined with his instinctive drive to help people will bring him far in advertising. Because in a world where envy and backstabbing seems to be the norm, it's the people you can rely on that you want to hire.


Anonymous paps and m said...

Hello Robin,
We hope you have a nice last quarter in Hamburg. We miss you already now, your time in Alkmaar was too short. Have a nice time in hamburg and take care of yourself.
Kussie M

12:17 am  

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