Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lost: 1 week

When you go places, it's not uncommon that you lose things. I lost my camera in the train from Berlin to Hamburg, I lost my phone in a club in Brussels (probably stolen) and in the last week of my internship in New York I lost my memory stick. Losing things is something inevitable and should be calculated in. But I wasn't prepared for losing time; a week to be precise.

Have I lost my mind? I thought I had three weeks vacation in Holland but today I found out I only have two weeks. In other words: I miscalculated the amount of time I'm in Holland. I wanted to visit some agencies and a lot of friends. But I still haven't got a place to live in Hamburg, so I'm spending all my time searching for rooms and apartments on internet and calling landlords in Germany. First things first.

I learned never to panic in these situations. I've seen students who came to a quarter away destination without having any housing and in the end it all worked out some way or the other. Instead of spending precious time on panicking, I made a strict time-planning for this last 1,5 week. One that includes a worst case scenario and the possibility that I have to go to Hamburg sooner to visit apartments or rooms.

According to Einstein time is relative. Today I found out that he's right.


Blogger news4monti said...

hey robin,

i am sorry to tell you that you have a flat now! hehe... i got one now and i can't reject it... so you and sal have to take it... it's an order... haha...
i will get the keys tomorrow... and it is a good one!! really good!

talk to you soon,


1:58 am  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Haha, that's great. I heard something about it from Sal, and I mailed him back to say yes immediately. You did the right thing. Dominik, you're the best!



10:07 pm  

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