Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dominik rules!

The reason that I write for this blog is to keep people informed. But Saturday for the first time my own weblog brought me news. From Thursday to Saturday I've been in Amsterdam to visit some friends and to party. Despite my hangover and the bad weather, I even went surfing. So when I came home I was exhausted. I looked at my blog and my fellow student Dominik left this comment:

hey robin,
i am sorry to tell you that you have a flat now! hehe... i got one now and i can't reject it... so you and sal have to take it... it's an order... haha... i will get the keys tomorrow... and it is a good one!! really good!
talk to you soon,
Now that's already great news. But it got even better. When I read my e-mail I found out that the apartment is affordable, big and close to my favorite neighborhood Sankt Pauli, between the beautiful Alsterlake and the party area Reeperbahn. And it's all thanks to Dominik, because he called the landlord, went to the flat to take a look and got the keys. If all students were as helpful as he is, no one in the Miami Ad School would be without housing. If you want to see a really cool commercial that Dominik made or read funny stories about his internships in Amsterdam and Hamburg, take a look at his blog here.


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